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SaaS Essentials includes all features of MAILEssentials, but now extends protection to the entire Microsoft 365 productivity suite. It provides SaaS application visibility and control, compliance reporting as well as full protection against insider threats. In an ever-changing threat landscape, get complete protection, all from an easy-to-deploy and manage platform that strengthens your organizations security posture.

Over 90% of attacks against organizations start from a malicious email

It’s safe to say that work from anywhere is here to stay. And with the internet being the new corporate network, users are even more vulnerable than ever before as they are no longer behind your security stack. In a cloud first world, your security perimeter should include the cloud.

Secure Your Users

Unlikeother solutions SaaS Essential only takes minutes to install and provides continuous monitoring and protection for the SaaS applications in use by the organization. A malicious email can be the beginning of a time consuming and costly security breach. Close the security gap and protect your organization fromvarious threat vectors such as phishing, malware, data theft and account-takeover.

Complete Protection

Built-in security is not enough to stop advanced phishing attacks. SaaS Essentials deploys as the last line of defense and secures inbound, outbound, and internal emails from phishing attacks that evade your traditional platform-provided security

Protection without Interruptions

Block malicious attachments before they reach users’ mailboxes, without impacting business productivity. Maintainuninterrupted business flow, while the sandbox continues in the background.

Prevent advanced account takeover attacks

Prevent unauthorized users and compromised devices from accessing your cloud email or productivity suite applications, thus mitigating the risk of an account takeover attack.

Bulletproof Security

Stay protected with an email security solution tested and proven to have a 99.91% malware catch rate. Get API-based protection for inbound, outbound and internal emailcommunication in real time to prevent lateral attacks within the organization and data leakage.

Lowest TCO

Get complete security functionality for both cloud email and productivity applications in a single license, reducing your purchasing and management overhead and providing your organization with an all-encompassing solution in a one-stop-shop, reducing overall TCO.

Auto-deployment, Instant Results

SaaS Essentials provides auto-deployment in a 3-step processthat takes just minutes and enables security admins to deployinstantly and starts catching malicious activity immediately.

Download Data Sheet – Complete Protection for Cloud Email & Productivity Suites

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