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Email is the quick and easy business communication method used by all organisations. Email allows for project updates, meeting invitations, and attachments to be sent without any interruption to an individual’s workflow. To improve efficiency and protection, use a Jamaican business hosted email  solution like MailEssentials to protect company email with a secure solution. MailEssentials has six features that set it apart from competitors: store and forward, spam filtering and virus protection, data loss prevention, URL defence, disaster recovery, and compliant archiving.

Store and Forward

Store and forward is an email spooling feature that will store email for up to 30 days if your email server becomes inaccessible. It is accessed by a password-protected web interface that will immediately and automatically forward once the email server is back online.

Spam Filtering and Virus Protection

Spam filtering and virus protection are taken to a new level with advanced machine learning techniques that adapt continuously to new attacks. Inbound and outbound email messages are filtered in the cloud to eliminate security risks before they are received. It is a complete defence against new outbreaks, updated even before traditional anti-virus vendor updates

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention is becoming a higher priority as the rate of data breaches increases at an alarming rate. MailEssentials implements user-transparent, centrally-based, and policy-driven data loss prevention filters to guard against data loss in email and web protocols.

URL Defence

URL defence continuously monitors messages and attachments to ensure that links that are likely to be malicious are pre-emptively defended before a user has a chance to click on it and allow the company to be breached.

Disaster Recovery

Whether a natural disaster or a technological disaster, the ability to communicate is important. Our disaster recovery provides an emergency inbox that will allow employees to send and receive email even if the mail server is down. These emails are subjected to the same spam filtering and virus protection as usual, and it is also possible to retrieve lost or deleted emails.

Compliant Archiving

Compliant archiving is data stored in a secure, off-site facility that meets regulatory compliance. The data is encrypted in its original format which does not allow for changes to be made to the original email.

Info Exchange’s Jamaican business hosted email solution, MailEssentials, offers unmatched features guaranteed to protect email from cyber criminals. If your company could benefit from our world-class communication protection options, please contact us at, email, or call (876)931-9552.



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