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Because backup and recovery isn’t enough
24/7 Always On
In today’s hyperconnected world, being down is no longer an option. While you’re busy trying to recover from a system disruption, your customers are moving on to the competition. Your customers must be confident that they’ll be able to conduct business with you at any time- no matter the disruption.

IT Resilience is the ability to seamlessly adapt to new technology and drive transformation while mitigating the risks of downtime to ensure an always on, customer centric business.

Think Continuous Operations

IT resilience is the foundation of all successful digital transformation strategies. Backup and recovery is inefficient and time consuming. Instead think Continuous operations. Where customers enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted service and your data and applications are protected from any outage. Confidently drive innovation in an environment where the reactive management of unplanned disruptions and the proactive innovation of planned disruptions are protected. That’s true IT Resilience. (Link Video- Driving Transformation with IT Resilience).

IT Resilience-as-a-Service

Beyond Disaster Recovery

Experience continuous availability with a secure, all-in-one IT Resilience platform that combines Disaster Recovery, Backup and Cloud Mobility into one simple, scalable platform. With ITRaaS, downtime is measured in seconds and there is near zero data loss. You can’t stop the disruptions, but you can ensure they don’t stop your business. Keep your operations always on with ITRaaS.

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